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About our school

About our school


The school was established in 1981 by families living on the Tuntable Cooperative Community, who wanted an education consistent with their values:

  • environmental sustainability
  • integration betwen family, community and school
  • valuing each child's gifts and learning style

Considered alternative at the time, these values continue to be at the core of our philosophy.


We are situated amidst the lush rainforest of the Tuntable Valley, 10km east of Nimbin, in northern NSW.

The school's physical environment and the children's freedom to interact with their natural surroundings are fundamental to the school.

Our children swim, build dam walls, skim stones and manage cat fish in the creek. They climb trees, build cubbies and play hide and seek in the rainforest. 

In 2013, we completed our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, which is now fully integrated into our learning programme as well as our daily school routine. The children all contribute to what is grown, then gather and cook the produce into meals shared by all.

Unique education

As a small parent-run independent school, we have the flexibility to support each child's unique journey from kindergarten to year 6.

Our teachers have the freedom to respond quickly to events, integrating them into the children's learning programme.

A management committee, made up of elected parents, runs the school as a cooperative. Our teachers and support staff report directly to the  committee.

Parents and staff are encouraged to share their skills. There is an incredible diversity amongst our members, who are often creative and witha  refreshing degree of free thinking.

There is a strong sense of positive 'can do' encouraging the children to reach for the sky and follow their dreams.

Student body

Our children come from all over the local area, including Tuntable community, Nimbin, Mountain Top, Jiggi and Stony Chute. 

Respect and responsibility

Our mindfulness programme aims to develop:

  • mindful attention to oneself and others
  • tolerance of differences
  • capacity to grow as a human and a learner

We promote awareness so that children's automatic, unconcious reactions can become balanced by considered, conscious responses.

The course focuses on developing life-long skills and is integrated into all areas of our curriculum and activities.