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Class Philosophy

Having a formal teacher training as well as training in Montessori and Steiner education, I feel that the needs of all children in the class are more easily met. Taking elements of the different disciplines, I am able to develop a classroom environment suited to the different needs of each child while at the same time creating an environment of collaboration and harmony.

A broad range of ages and developmental abilities are found in a new Kindergarten class and it is important that children are happy and comfortable in their new environment. For this reason children are closely observed and gently encouraged in their new learning environment.

Children aching to read and write will soon discover opportunities to so. However, those children still in the dreamy realm of early childhood will also find the environment rich, stimulating and satisfying. All children have opportunities for exploration, investigation, self-directed work and learning through play while they are gently guided through the expectations of the curriculum.

Learning through play is an important part of the day, made all the more exciting by the beautiful forest setting out the back door of our classroom.

With the younger children in mind, the wonderful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden was planned around children gardening and playing. As the garden features prominently in learning programs, teachers and parents felt it important that the children also had play areas for downtime after the rigors of gardening! The sand pit amongst the vegetables is perfect for creative play. The Kindergarten class has the important role of creating flower colour in the garden as well as tending the wormfarm.