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Lower Primary

As a born and raised Tuntable Community girl, I have a deep-rooted connection with the local environment and the beautiful area of Nimbin. This love is embedded into every aspect of my teaching.

I completed my Bachelor of Education at Southern Cross University, in Lismore, before travelling the world teaching in a diverse range of countries for several years. 

I was drawn back home to the unique child-centred, environmentally mindful and holistic approach that Tuntable Falls Community School embodies.

My teaching philosophy is centred around building positive relationships and creating a safe and comfortable environment where each person feels valued and supported in their journey through learning. I endeavour to entice my student’s eager minds though my dynamic teaching approaches and stimulating lessons; which encourage intrinsic learning within a calm, nurturing and creative environment.


I am currently the Sustainable & Environmental Education (SEE) Teacher, after returning to work after the birth of my first child, Marley.  

What does that mean you ask?  Well I’m glad you asked!  My role in the school is to ensure that the environment is and always will be at the centre of our ethos and educational programming.  I work with the classroom teachers to develop unique programs that follow the NSW curriculum but are tailored for our children’s interests and environmental focus.  I work with each class group every week in the Garden, Ethno-botany trail, makers space and kitchen to teach the KLA's Science & Technology, Geography, History. These lessons are trailered to the individual students and their interests always with a undercurrent for sustainability & the environment.   My lessons allow the students to experience through hands on activities that are open for them to explore and follow their passion.    Ginger O'Brien