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Lower Primary

As a born and raised Tuntable Community girl, I have a deep-rooted connection with the local environment and the beautiful area of Nimbin. This love is embedded into every aspect of my teaching.

I completed my Bachelor of Education at Southern Cross University, in Lismore, before travelling the world teaching in a diverse range of countries for several years. 

I was drawn back home to the unique child-centred, environmentally mindful and holistic approach that Tuntable Falls Community School embodies.

My teaching philosophy is centred around building positive relationships and creating a safe and comfortable environment where each person feels valued and supported in their journey through learning. I endeavour to entice my student’s eager minds though my dynamic teaching approaches and stimulating lessons; which encourage intrinsic learning within a calm, nurturing and creative environment.

Each day is greeted in a morning circle where children share their experiences with their peers and the teacher acts as a facilitator whilst they practice turn-taking, listening, speaking and simply getting to know each other. Morning circle is followed by literacy, where individual student literacy contracts guide the students through reading, handwriting, spelling and phonics. Each contract aligns with the new NSW national curriculum, however the students individual contracts suit their level and work on their strengths. The students practice self-regulating their learning through the practice of highlighting their completed tasks and feeling proud about their increasing ability to work independently.

Numeracy is taught through a series of explorative math’s activities that promote social values. Daily numeracy sessions run in the middle session where the students are guided through exciting and structured activities. These activities encourage the students to work together to solve number & algebra questions tailored for their level. Chance & Probability is also explored daily through concrete materials, and measurement & geometry is taught during explicit learning activities. During our Numeracy sessions the PDHPE skills (inquiry, exploring, connecting, problem solving, communicating, reasoning, interacting & decision making) are promoted. All the activities and games are specifically designed to relate to the Quality Teaching elements and the new Board of Studies National Curriculum for New South Wales.

As part of our SEE- the world program during term 2 the lower primary class will become environmental superheroes! Our goal is to locate and identify the villians (weeds) in our community. We will research the most dangerous weeds and the effects they have of the immediate environment around us. This program will be integrated into Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Creative arts.