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Upper Primary

Welcome from Akash to the Upper Primary class


In our upper primary class we instil in the children a sense of wonder about this world and a love of learning. Through our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program we nurture plants from seeds, and celebrate the harvest with a seasonal menu. In our outdoor Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEE) program, we explore and embrace our school and local community. In our beautiful school grounds we find places to investigate and create.

Our multistage class is a dynamic place, with time for activity and time for reflection. Days in the upper primary class begin with a short meditation and yoga session, in readiness for a busy day at school. Our morning circle begins with a welcome, poetry readings, and time spent pondering and discussing the greater questions in life.

With the assistance of Amanda, our very capable teacher’s aide, our literacy and numeracy lessons involve whole class, group and individual activities, inside the classroom and out. As much as possible we involve our students in making decisions and choices about their learning. This is to encourage the development of self-motivation, self-control and independence in each child.

Afternoons shift to a different pace, with art and craft, investigation, exploration and design activities. In Term 2 we will complete our embroidered cushions, shibori-dye fabric for library bags and make personalised journals. We will also consider the world through scientific eyes by studying local weed species through observation, scientific investigations and botanical drawing activities.

Amazingly, we also find time each week for circus, music and outdoor cooperative games and sports.

Tuntable Falls Community School is a very exciting place in which to teach and learn.