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Our team

Teachers and staff

Deborah Williams teaches our dedicated kindergarten class in a peaceful classroom which combines initial learning with play. Much of the classtime also takes place on the private kindy verandah.

Jessica McCaul teaches the composite lower primary class of years 1-3. With learning mixed heaps of fun, the lower class always has something new and engaging to experience.

Akash Pett teaches the upper primary class of years 4-6 in the purpose-built large and airy classroom completed in 2016. With plenty of space for the children's larger bodies and room for a morning circle, desk and whiteboard and a computer area, the upper class can easily work in small groups as needed.

Nicola Apps, our Sustainability and Environmental Education teacher, uses the garden and kitchen to deliver her curriculum.

Emmy Jett our STEM specialist who leads the science craziness with minties in coke, balloon explosions, etc!

We have three teacher's aides to assist the teachers and two extra curricular teachers, who provide lessons in music and circus skills.

We also have three office staff and a maintenance person.


Our Management Committee is made up of parents - Ash Mathieson, Iris Vos, Louise Mehta, Nicky Fitzsimmons, Nicole Devery, Polly Van Der Glas, Petria Handby and  Tamara Parker - who have a long term commitment to the success and growth of the school. The committee is responsible for the management of the school and runs the school in place of a principal.