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Sustainability - learning and practice - and environmental awareness

SEE – In Our World

 Sustainability and Environmental Education in Our World

 Tuntable Falls Primary School believes in an educational approach where the children learn that the environment is inseparable from themselves: they are the environment and the environment is them! Following on from there, we believe that the single most important subject in the curriculum is LIFE and that learning by pleasure is the motivating force. Our objective for education is to ‘grow green children’ equipped with passion, knowledge and the tools to build a sustainable future. 

 With these objectives in mind we build into our programs:

  •  Engagement with the environment.  Children spend time outdoors, in their real world, to experience Life and, with all life’s lessons it has to teach.  It is an education rooted in nature: to understand, appreciate and love nature, and in so doing, helping to develop a deep sense of connectedness and attitude of caring to the environment. The school garden – funded by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation – plays an important role in our outdoor education program.
  • Exposure to local communities. The children, living in one of the most innovative and creative rural areas of Australia, are exposed to the local, rich, diverse and broad community of the local area. The children are given opportunities to explore and experience the wealth and assets of our community, the natural environment, its human inhabitants and their outstanding initiatives, through excursions and visits to places and people. The children explore and discover: meeting elders and visiting alternative and sustainable projects, helping and participating in community projects and experiencing history in the making.
  • Linking the Environment and Local Communities to our curriculum, enables the children to link their real-life experiences to the expected academic outcomes in an authentic learning program.

We believe that this Program addresses the following:

  •  Freedom of movement
  •  Sense of deep time
  •  Reverie
  •  Play
  • Self will
  • Independence
  •  A sense of autonomy
  •   Provides an holistic curriculum based in all aspects of environmental and innovative education
  •  Hands-on experiences to motivate children about their environment
  •  Student-centered learning that inspires creative, innovative thinking and learning.

 This Program impacts directlyon children in the following ways:

  • Greater self confidence
  • Independence
  •  Self belief
  •  Increased awareness
  • More sophisticated written and spoken language
  • Helps to focus and concentrate
  •  Encourages positive attitude and co operation
  • Fosters physical stamina and coordination
  • Leads to respect and love for the environment as their role in the environment increases
  • A deeper insight into nature