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Tuntable Falls Community School

Barefoot Education for the Future.

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The Kindergarten class of 2024 is invited to four transition days to help them and their parents feel orientated at big school. 

  1. Thu, 2 Nov 2023, 1pm-2:30pm

  2. Thu, 9 Nov 2023, 1pm-2:30pm

  3. Thu, 16 Nov 2023, 1pm-2:30pm

  4. Thu, 23 Nov 2023, 1pm-2:30pm

Limited spaces are still available for Kindy 2024

Important Dates 2023:


Term 1:  31 Jan - 31 March

Term 2: 26 April - 23 June


Term 3: 17 July - 15 Sept


Term 4: 9 Oct - 15 Dec

Family Workday & Parent Meeting:

Sat, 22 July

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Weeks 3 & 4


Guruman, Writers' Festival: Wed, 9 Aug.


Book Week Dress Up: Tue, 22 Aug.

Yuruugin, Mt Matheson Walk: 

Wed, 23 Aug.

Whale Watching: Tue, 5 Sept.


Garden Day: Wed, 13 Sept.

Tuntable Falls Community School is a child safe, independent parent-run school established in 1981. 


Our children learn and play in the pristine natural rainforest environment of Tuntable Falls Valley, bordering the World Heritage listed Nightcap National Park, and close to the vibrant diversity of Nimbin village in Northern NSW.


Our innovative and creative teaching programme is fully compliant with the NSW Board of Studies and has a strong focus on sustainable values, mindfulness, and unique experiences.

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