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Ginger O'Brien teaches our Kindergarten class in a colourful classroom which combines initial learning with play
"I was born Bundjalung country and grew up in Tuntable Falls Community.
My philosophy in education is heavily influenced by my upbringing in Tuntable Falls Community and my own schooling at Tuntable Falls Community School. My classroom practice is a blend of Walker learning, Montessori, Steiner and always has an undercurrent of Sustainable and Environmental Education. I take tremendous pride in tailoring individualised hands-on activities that are fluid, allowing children to openly explore and follow their passion and unique learning styles." 

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Years 1, & 2

Ishta Wilson teaches the composite lower primary class of Years 1 & 2. 

“I have lived on the North Coast for over 20 years and love being on beautiful Bundjalung country. I am passionate about facilitating children’s learning through practical creative projects where the kids are free to express themselves, experiment, and find their own solutions. I strongly believe in giving children the tools they need to have every opportunity in life, the confidence and self-assurance to ask questions, make informed choices, take risks, and follow their dreams.”

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Years 3 & 4

Ruben Davis teaches the composite lower primary class of Years 3 & 4.


"I have lived in Nimbin since 2020, moving to the region after 10 years teaching in Sydney. I have always had a special interest in the natural world. I see the role of a teacher much like a gardener that tends to the growing conditions a plant needs to reach its full potential. Children learn through exploration, creativity and play, and I tend to the classroom environment to facilitate that growth. I have developed a particular curiosity for developing hands on resources that help students achieve not only academic excellence, but the joy of self-expression with this ethos. I love Tuntable Falls Community school for its child-centric approach and the nurturing community environment it is a part of."

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Years 5 & 6 

Joe Landers is our Teacher Coordinator and teaches the composite upper primary class of Years 5 & 6 and presents the performing arts activities.

"Having taught all ages over 25 years of teaching, I believe that a sustainable education is one that sets children up to live a healthy and satisfying life with the resilience to face all of life’s challenges and changes. I see awareness of each child’s developing abilities and interests, as the crucial building blocks for facilitating a positive engaged connection to learning. What I aim to nurture in each student is their natural sense of wonder, curiosity, creativity, empathy, imagination, play and connection to nature." 


Sustainable &

Environmental Education (SEE)

Emily Jett works with each class group using the garden, ethno-botany trail, makerspace and kitchen to deliver her curriculum in Geography and History.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM)

Emily Jett leads our children on adventures into the wonderful world of STEAM powered learning – aka Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  

“In our project-based learning we focus on the practical application of scientific thinking to solve problems, experiment with the world around us, and communicate our findings through artistic mediums. This is hands on science where students are encouraged to really question and discover. As a team we formulate big questions and explore the scientific process. Our primary aim, as with all good science, is to build on and challenge existing understanding and hopefully end up with many "Eureka!" moments.”


Learning and Support Teacher (LaST)

Kate Dempsey is our specialist Learning and Support Teacher.

"I am a passionate and experienced classroom practitioner with diverse professional experience, skilled at adapting to students' varying learning needs. Originally from Wiradjuri Country, I have worked in both Government and Independent schools in NSW and VIC. I am delighted to be back living and working on beautiful Bundjalung Country.

Creative, nurturing, and with a sound knowledge of Learning Support best practice, I provide support and guidance to students, teachers, and assistants, to help set all students up for school success. I am an ardent advocate for equitable access for all children on their learning journey."



Simon Adams is an extracurricular teacher who provides the most amazing circus skills with the assistance of Freya Barber.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science, is a dancer and independent artist. He has toured the world professionally, worked as the head of dance at Lismore Conservatory, been the Artistic Director at Spaghetti Circus and now coaches Circus at Circus Arts in Byron Bay.

Freya holds a Certificate 4 in Circus Arts from the National Institute of Circus Arts. 


Teacher's Aides

Between them, our amazing teacher’s aides have decades of experience working alongside children. Amanda King, Freya Barber and Cath Smith engage with students in a multitude of learning activities, such as one-on-one literacy support, small-group numeracy support and assisting teachers in class, art projects, science lessons and gardening sessions. They also provide support in sports and on excursions and camps.


“We all love the culture of the school, the students, parents, working alongside our colleagues, and the nurturing natural environment.”


Other Support Staff

In the office we also have a wonderful administration officer, René Norwie, and long time bookkeeper and former parent at the school, Roger Chester.

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The Committee

A management committee, made up of elected parents, runs the school as a cooperative. 
The current members of our Management Committee are Adjana Flow, Zachary Rook, and Cameron Blair

As parents of enrolled students at Tuntable Falls Community School, our Committee Members have a long-term commitment to the success and growth of the school. The Committee meets weekly and, with the support of the Teacher Coordinator, they are responsible for the overall management of the school. Our teachers and support staff report directly to the Committee.

Please feel free to contact a committee member if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

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