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Our Enrolment Process

(Excerpt from Enrolment Policy, March 2021)


  1. To apply, families submit an Expression of Interest form to the management committee.

  2. If there are no places available in the class that families want to enrol their child into, then they will be placed on a waiting list . Families will be contacted as soon as a place opens up. 

  3. When there is a place available in the class that families want to enrol their child into, families meet a committee member and visit the school. If this is not possible due to distance, the family is asked to write a letter introducing themselves and explaining why they are attracted to our school.

  4. Following this visit families are asked to submit their enrolment forms.  

  5. The committee discusses the enrolment application at the next committee meeting and confirms enrolment verbally by phone.

Priority of access - If a class is full, students are placed on a waiting list with priority given to siblings of existing students. We aim to always accommodate children from the Tuntable Co-op due to proximity.


New families receive an induction by a committee member before or during their first week. During this, they are shown around the school and introduced to staff and families.

Each new family must speak with the Treasurer within the first three weeks to confirm their payment plan.

The school encourages families to help at the pre-term workday, attend the Family Meeting (start of each term) and to complete regular roster days. Being involved at school helps build community as well as reducing fees. As a part of the roster day obligations, families are also invited to help in the classroom if arranged ahead.

The new student’s teacher is available to discuss any concerns before starting or at any time in the future.

Trial period

All new students have a one-month trial period from the first day of attendance to ensure the student and family are happy and that we are able to fulfil each child’s particular needs.

If the school has any concerns during this time, we will invite the family and student to a meeting to resolve the issues. Lack of involvement by the family or non-payment of fees will influence the committee in this situation.

The family will be offered a right to respond to the school’s concerns and the committee will work with the family to develop an outcome that suits everyone involved. Depending on the situation, the student may be offered an extended trial period, but this is not guaranteed.  

All fees are refunded if the student does not progress to permanent enrolment.

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