• Learn & Play


    As a small parent-run independent school, Tuntable Falls Community School has the flexibility to support each child's unique journey and nurture their individual gifts and learning styles, from our dedicated Kindergarten class right through to Year 6.

    Teachers creatively integrate project-based learning across subjects like Science, History, Geography, Maths and Music. Small class sizes also gives our teachers the freedom to respond quickly to events and incorporate learning opportunities into their teaching programs. 


    Our dedicated Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) assists teaching staff to assess students' progress and gently guide individual children through any learning hurdles.

  • Parent Participation

    There is an incredible diversity of knowledge and experience amongst our parent cohort, with a refreshing degree of creativity and free thinking. 

    As an independent parent-run school, all parents are encouraged to contribute to the running and maintenance of the school by either joining the Committee, helping in the kitchen to prepare tasty vegetarian school lunches, lending a hand in the garden, contributing to the children’s learning, or by sharing another of their invaluable life skills. 

    This unique approach to running a school fosters a positive integration between family, community and school.

  • Environmental Awareness

    & Sustainability


    At Tuntable Falls Community School we aim to ‘grow green children’ equipped with the knowledge, tools and creative curiosity to build a sustainable future. Our goal is to instil in our children: 

    • a greater insight into nature

    • a sense of deep time

    • a sense of autonomy coupled with an awareness that they are intricately connected to their environment and community

    • greater respect and appreciation for the natural environment and their role within it.

  • Respect & Responsibility


    Our mindfulness programme is integrated into all areas of our curriculum and aims to develop within our children:

    • a sense of belonging

    • a sense of their own worth and dignity

    • mindful attention to themselves and others

    • tolerance of differences

    • responsibility for personal and community wellbeing


    We nurture mindfulness so that children's automatic, unconscious reactions can become balanced by considered, conscious responses.

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